At Spóldzielcza Mleczarnia Spomlek (Spomlek Dairy Cooperative) we are passionate about our work, working to ensure that our products, services, and materials are of the highest quality. Every employee actively participates in the development of our company, and our highest priority is to ensure that our clients are satisfied both with our products and in our contact. For us, nothing is impossible – by combining cutting-edge technology with experience, know-how and involvement we can undertake even the most difficult of challenges, satisfying the most discerning of clients on all continents of the world.

The close relations we create with our customers help us to meet their requirements and, as a consequence, have resulted in several new groundbreaking products being released onto the Polish market. We were the first to manufacture Radamer and Bursztyn cheeses in Poland, and they have proved to be very popular with our clients, both domestically and abroad. Another new product is Rubin cheese – its popularity with our customers has been slowly increasing since 2009.

The quality of our products has been confirmed by the numerous awards and medals we receive from many distinguished Polish and international institutions, but especially by our uninterrupted, long-lasting cooperation with even the most demanding of clients from around the world.
SM Spomlek has three production units – Radzyń Podlaski, Mlynary, Parczew.

The former manufactures cheese sold under the brand Serenada Old Poland, as well as milk powder, butter, Mleko na 5 PLUS (“A+ Milk”), yoghurts, and milky desserts. Parczew focuses on cheese only: Salami, Rolada Podlaska, Pavarti, and also traditional smoked cheese such as smoked using natural timbers.