At our manufactory in the Waldviertel, a region located in the very north of Austria, DIE KÄSEMACHER are producing a variety of cheese and antipasti specialties according to longstanding tradition. Prior to our delicate products is a careful manufacturing of our raw milk in accordance with nature.

As far as our raw materials are concerned, we insist on the best quality at all times, and throughout the production process, we place particular value on careful handling of resources. Our milk – our most valuable raw material – comes from local sheep and goat farmers and is processed by hand by our master cheesemakers to form our fine Waldviertel cheese specialties. For our famous antipasti, such as our renowned “Peppersweet”, the vegetables are harvested by hand and then each filled with the finest fresh cheese.

Whether you opt for our cheese specialties, our antipasti range, or our milk and yoghurt specialties, DIE KÄSEMACHER provide you with the best of the Waldviertel in every mouthful.