Quesos Vega Sotuelamos S.L is located in the heart of La Mancha, it is one of the main cheese manufacturers with Denomination of Origin Manchego, both in pasteurized cheeses and artisan cheeses. We are specialists in cheeses made from sheep’s milk, where there is growth and consolidation in the market both nationally and internationally. Highlighting its specialties, product innovation development and the wide range of distributing cheeses from all Spanish Denomination of Origin.

Vega Mancha is the trademark of Quesos Vega Sotuelamos S.L. whose main objective is to spread our dairy products around the world.

In addition, Quesos Vega Sotuelamos S.L. It has the honor of cooperate with the most important cheese groups in Spain and with the rest of the Denominations of Origin. This agreement leads this group of companies to generate a synergy that favors growth both globally and individually for each of them.

Regarding current regulations, we are subject to the regulations established in Royal Decree 1113/2006, of September 29, which approves the quality standards for cheese making. We are also subject to the regulations established by the Manchego Cheese Regulatory Council, and to the provisions of the BRC and IFS standards, meeting the highest quality and food safety standards.